"I'm Luca Barcellona and for a few years my name has been irrevocably associated with letters. The environment around me and my background are absolutely accomplices of what I have become today. I started with skating and therefore I was absolutely influenced by the graphics of the Nineties, and subsequently by graffiti, then by a maybe excessive freedom in creating letters and now, when I'm at the drawing board, I feel a bit like that kid who did the sketches and then went to draw them on the wall.Being a calligrapher today means pursuing a capability that every human being has acquired over thousands of years to make sure that it does not die, that is handwriting "

Luca Barcellona interprets Hogan Rebel and creates a hi-top sneaker Limited Edition for women and one for men.

For Her

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Black-leather hi-top sneaker with golden street-style decoration. Monogram of the artist embroidered in white on the heel.

For Him

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Black-leather sneaker with street-style decoration. Velcro strap and monogram of the artist embroidered on the heel.