A video by Ivan Olita Starring Fahrani Pawaka Empel aka Fa'velapunk

Ivan Olita Video

If I detach, is to connect… if I step ahead, is to evolve, this is what I try to do, step by step. And if people find that this is a rebel, then rebels are a good thing. Long life to them.

Fa’ embodies the
quintessence of rebellion.
And modernity.

"Over the years I’ve been lucky to meet so many interesting and absolutely heterogeneous people. But when I was contacted by Hogan Rebel to shoot a video that would personify the contemporary rebel spirit, I had absolutely no doubts about whom to call. Fa’ embodies the quintessence of rebellion. And modernity. Rebellion, because she’s diverse yet accomplice, outstanding yet approachable, unpredictable yet reliable. Modernity, because she lives within the uncertainties of our age, she shapes and changes herself just like today’s world, which belongs to us but at the same time keeps getting out of hand. Besides all this, Fa’ fights in order to build, never to destroy. She shuffles the cards and then makes a castle out of them, and if it falls down she builds another, against the rules of monotony, so much so that – come to think of it – her card castle is much more sturdy than many of the stone castles out there. And for me, that means being a rebel, and contemporary".

Ivan Olita

Ivan Olita