Greta Bellamacina interprets one of her poems, "The unbearable night".

Poet, writer and artist, Greta Bellamacina was short-listed as the Young Poet Laureate of London in 2013. She grew up in London and released limited edition collection of poetry entitled Kaleidoscope in 2011. Last year Greta edited a collection of poetry entitled Natures Jewels in collaboration with MACK publishers, where she was assigned the role as the poetry editor. Greta is in the final stages of editing a collection of British contemporary love poetry with Faber&Faber which launches in February 2015. As well as working on several short films, which will premiere at the end of this year.

THE VOICE OF THE BARD by Fabio Paleari


Jack Savoretti declaims and accompanies with his guitar "Introduction to the song of experience to the muses" by William Blake.

Jack Savoretti is a British singer and musician. He released his first album called “Between the minds” in 2007. In 2009 “Harder than easy”, his second album, was published. “Before The Storm”, his third album, taught him how to put himself in his songs and, crucially, led him to the musicians who helped him helm “Written In Scars”, his impressive new album and his first to be released by a major label, with whom he signed earlier this year. “Some of that struggle is personal,” says Savoretti, “but much is about the struggles going on everywhere at the moment. It’s about emerging from strife, with fists in the air”.

DIGITAL by Fabio Paleari


Robert Montgomery interprets his "Digital Poem".

Robert Montgomery was born in 1972 and he lives in London. He brings a poetic voice and public interventionists strategies to the tradition of contemporary text art, and works across diverse media: billboard pieces, solar powered light pieces, fire poems, woodcuts and watercolours. He has realized major outdoor light installations on the site of the old US Air Force base at Tempelhof in Berlin, and in the old imperial port city of Kochi-Muziris in India, as the British artist selected for the 2012 Kochi-Muziris Biennial.

Fabio Paleari was born in Milan in 1963. He is acknowledged as being one of the most radical and personal photographers at a international level. He has also produced documentaries and experimental films. After finishing his studies in photography at UCLA, Paleari divided his time between advertising photography and photographing his extensive travels in Latin America, Australia and Morocco. Among his recent travels, Fabio immersed himself into the delicate reality of Ukraine and Israel, drawing powerful and exclusive reportages. His photographs represent a sort of intimate diary of intense experiences and highly charged emotions.